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American Knight

American Knight is the story of one man, Lt. Dwayne “D.C.” Cooper, who selflessly gave himself to his country, mind, body and soul.


When a corrupt government agency, Project N.I.N.E., transformed this once honorable soldier into the perfect assassin, D.C. became a pawn in a bloody shadow war, forced to do things that will haunt him the rest of his life. Eventually, Project N.I.N.E.’s true motives were made known and it was ordered to be shut down. The “volunteers” were now liabilities. No witnesses. No evidence. No trail. Their service was to be terminated with extreme prejudice.


What they didn’t count on was the strength of D.C.’s spirit, reawaked by this betrayal and finally free from their control. Thought dead by his former puppet masters and disillusioned with a government that failed him, he still believed in America’s heart. Since the powers that be erased every shred of evidence that Lt. Dwayne Cooper ever existed, the American Knight was born, fighting for the people in a world ruled by greed, corruption and violence.


There will be justice. There will be honor. There will be…the American Knight.



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